Ideas that Will Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

Conflicting Ideologies Will Ruin Your Business

One of the biggest killers of efficiency in any business is lack of congruency throughout the organization. What this means is that you, or your staff, have ideologies that conflict with the inner-framework of the organization that you run. Continue reading


3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business

So you have the entrepreneurial bug and you want to start your own business, huh? Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding, difficult, and beautiful challenges that you can face as a person in today’s society. The ability to choose the products and services that best serve your customers is a liberating feeling – you’re actually helping people and making a difference. Continue reading

3 Tools to Unlock Endless Creativity

Creativity is the backbone for everything that we see and interact with on a daily basis. The recipes for the meals we cook were first born in the thoughts of a curious chef. The apps on our phone were first thought of by the the creative engineers that encapsulate Silicon Valley. The master piece that takes our breath away was stored away inside the creativity caverns of an artist’s mind. Continue reading

4 Tactics to Speed Up Your Success

  1. Compare your results against the greats – Iron sharpens Iron.

One of the strongest tactics to speed up the journey to success is by measuring your accomplishments against the greatest in your field. If you’re in sales, don’t be in competition with John Doe from next door who makes $60,000 a year at his job. Instead, measure yourself against sales giants like Grant Cardone, Jack Welch, Donald Trump, and individuals of this caliber. Continue reading

4 Tips to Excel in A 9 – 5 Environment

Let’s say you’re working in a 9 to 5 job and you admire the entrepreneurial life, but you would rather work in an office environment. Great success and monetary gain can be made if you apply the correct principles into your work and how you interact with coworkers. Some of the greatest CEO’s in the marketplace were not business owners but rather individuals who climbed the ranks within their business and provided value. This type of progressive action and leadership will be the crux of your promotions, success, and overall financial gain during your stay at the company. Continue reading