3 Signs You are Becoming Successful

Success is a tricky path in terms of clarity and piece of mind. We often get so lost and consumed with the minutia details of our day-to-day life that we lose scope of the bigger picture and our destination fades into the background. However, there are certain indicators that signify to the individual that they are following the correct and righteous path to success. Don’t let the noise of your industry ring louder than that of your internal voice and drive that gets you from where you currently are to where you want to be.

  1. Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are the two biggest indicators that you are following the path that is correct for the achievements you wish to accomplish. The natural human tendency is to avoid pain and seek pleasure – never inspecting the pain or discomfort to find the hidden wisdom. It’s often that our greatest lessons and achievements rest in a shroud of pain, fear and anxiety. Success, in any form, is almost paradoxical in that sense that it can provide the utmost pleasure while simultaneously being encased in fear. Fear and happiness almost seem like polar opposites in the mind of the average person but we soon find out this is not true.

Ask anyone within the realm of success and they will tell you that behind the door of fear was the prize that they were searching for all along. The essence of beauty comes in the moments when we tackle our biggest challenges and conquer them by sheer power of will. In that brief moment, after the dust settles and we can reflect back on our actions, we realize that it was all an illusion. Our anxiety and our doubts surrounding any given task or subject were simply the brain creating an elaborate scenario in which our power was taken away from us. That’s ultimately the biggest power that fear has – taking away your personal power and making you feel helpless.

If you are in a business that constantly puts you in scenarios in which you’re faced with fear on a regular basis, consider yourself lucky! Let that emotion be your guiding light in which to navigate you from scarcity to true abundance. Similarly, it is vital to realize that fear and happiness are more like loving siblings rather than archenemies. Rather than viewing them as opposing forces, approach them as an energy that works in unison to help you propel forward.

  1. Negative Comments and Criticism

Another large precursor to success is that of negative feedback, harsh criticism, attacks and personal insults from others. If there is one universal subject that can turn the most honest person into a liar, cheat, and bad-mouther it is that of success. Not success in their personal affairs, but rather seeing success in those around them in which they feel superior to. Look at interviews, social media feeds and commentary given about a person of success from those that have not achieved success. You will be taken back and shocked at how many people throw insults and try to tarnish the image of a person who chases their dreams on a regular basis.

The reason this dramatic reaction occurs is from the issue of self reflection. Success is the ultimate mirror in the sense that it is a pure indication of where you could be if you only committed to it’s achievement. When an unsuccessful person is placed in the same room as a successful person, self reflection occurs. “How could this person possibly have more money and success than me? I’m smarter than that person 10 times over! I went to high school with them and received better grades and had a larger social circle.”

The reason you are not successful is because of your own doing. If you live in a country that allows you to be prosperous, you have a sound mind and body, you have no excuse for your lack of success. Do not be envious of the people around you who have achieved something for themselves while you are left out in the rain. Instead, follow a path of self improvement and ask these people for advice and council in your journey to attaining your dreams. You will be exposed to a new world of encouragement from people who have attained success, in whatever avenue, and wish nothing but the best for you. The only people who have time to make harsh comments about people of high caliber are those who have nothing to show for themselves. Do not be one of the people who throw unwarranted insults – be better and adapt! Change your current actions and mold them into those of a person who is wildly successful and has true power.

  1. Inspiration for Others

The last road sign you will see along the journey to your ultimate destination is when you start to notice others using your products, services and content. There is a quote that says: “imitation is the sincerest form form of flattery.” What this means is that when you are performing at optimum efficiency, with the correct framework and attention to detail, you will notice others being inspired by your work. This could mean noticing an influx of competitors taking your ideas and molding it into something of their own with a unique twist. This is one of the purest forms of happiness you will earn in the path to success merely because you know you are doing something right and beneficial.

Look at any large organization that runs at the time of reading this article. They have established themselves as market leaders and dictate the flow of information, products and services for an entire sector. The rest of their competitors follow this same path, rather they believe in it or not, because they view them as the leader. Do not be intimidated by this realization and slip back into the first topic discussed here (fear and anxiety). Take mental note of what you are doing right and maximize your efforts of that particular area.

It is a supremely satisfying feeling to know that you are a market leader in your sector. To know that your every move is being watched and implemented into other businesses in hopes to navigate them in the right direction. This also helps you in the sense that it keeps a fire lit underneath you in which to not bask in the glory. Achieving a goal and resting in that success, not moving forward onto the next task, is one of the most dangerous mindsets to be in. Always evolve your ideas and adopt a mindset of expansion and growth. This will keep you ahead of your competition but will also allow you to help your customers and clients with whatever needs they may have in the future.

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