The Most Critical Tool for Achievement

If you could only have one individual power in your path to success, which would you choose? The ability to be empathetic to others? Knowledge over every aspect of your industry? How about the mental and physical stamina in which to work 10, 12 or 13+ hours per day in order to attain a goal? While all of these tactics are important and fundamental to success, the ability to take massive action is by far the most vital.

The ability to take action in the current moment, despite market conditions, unfavorable circumstances and procrastination tendencies, is what makes champions succeed. The one universal skill that all successful people have is the ability to take the necessary steps to move themselves and their organization forward into uncharted territory. This article will break down and show you why you need to adopt a mindset of action rather than analyzing the situation down to every small detail.

Action Destroys Laziness and Kills Procrastination

Laziness and procrastination are like the cancer that eats away at your hopes and dreams that you wish to attain. Similarly, these two killers require fuel and energy in which to keep chugging along and ruining your life. The ‘food’ that these two problems feast on is your time throughout each day. Go back in your mind to the last time you procrastinated for more than a few minutes. Relive that lazy moment and try to identify the reason in which it existed in the first place. No, it was not the 48 hour marathon of Teen Mom on MTV that killed your dreams, albeit it may have been a large contributor. Your consumption of the television show is a result of procrastination and laziness being at the forefront of your mind at the current moment.

The reason that this 48 hour indulgence occurred was on account of your inability to take action in the current moment and dedicate yourself to a high priority task. “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop,” says the Bible to it’s readers and followers. The only way that laziness and procrastination can exist is if we fuel them with the food they need in order to live and thrive – our time. The next time you make a goal or a plan, get into action almost the nanosecond that you finish creating the end goal of your actions in your mind. If your goal is financial, take the steps in which to attain that vision the moment after creating it in your mind and writing it down on paper.

This will literally kill laziness and procrastination right where it stands and extract the valuable energy they consume and return it back to you. Use this new-found energy to tackle your goals and get into the motion of productive movement. As a piece of homework, after reading the words in this article take the necessary actions that are needed to reach the goal that lives in the depths of your mind. Don’t question the method, simply act on your wisdom and start moving towards the finish line one inch at a time.

Come back after 30 or 40 minutes and compare the mind state you are in after taking massive action and compare it to the mindset you had before. A new champion that has no limitations was just born in that moment. But just like a newborn baby, you need to give this mind state extra attention and care for it to grow strong and resilient.

What Would a Successful Person Do In This Moment?

Another powerful tool for the attainment of your goals is that of asking yourself what a successful person would do in the current moment. Religious individuals have the mantra of asking themselves the question “what would Jesus do,” when thinking of a current situation that they are facing. Even if you are not religious, it is evident the power that this question holds when asked correctly.

We need to adopt a mindset of comparing ourselves to those that are greater than us in terms of achievement and impact. Find the leaders of your industry and constantly ask yourself what that person would do given the unique circumstances of your situation. Create a vision of them sitting down at a table with you while they review your actions and progress made towards your goals each day. Imagine what they would say, the feedback they would give you, and ultimately the type of actions they would personally take. Even though this tool may sound esoteric, it is extremely powerful and useful to the creation of dreams.

In previous articles we have talked about the belief of how Iron Sharpens Iron in the course of performing right action. This mental consultation with a mentor of high caliber gives you an analytical edge in which to operate with in the marketplace. It compares your actions with the best of the best and your progress needs to be able to exist in the same sentence as theirs. Consult with those individuals that have true power and you will, in turn, have it for yourself.

Accept All Challenges As They Come

In the early birthing years of your self development and business you need to harness the capacity to say ‘yes’ more than you say ‘no.’ The reason for this is due to the fact that most people underestimate their ability to perform a task that is required for massive expansion. Working a 12 hour day sounds daunting and grueling on the surface of the situation. However, tackling the obstacle with an ‘I can do it’ attitude will propel you to heights that were once deemed unreachable.

Powerful people have the belief that it is better to bite off more than you can chew and fall short rather than not biting at all. Bite the marketplace and the actions that you need to succeed with primal ferocity for it’s attainment. Do not rest on your past results and use an excuse of ‘getting to it tomorrow’ when you know that you could do it now. Seek out efficient customer solutions, develop new products in which to service your audience with greater attention, or even go out of your way to perform a romantic gesture for your partner. All of these actions are within the realm of possibility but few people reach for that next level of action.

If someone sat you down in a room and told you to raise your hand, you would raise it as far as you think you could go. However, if there were a check made out for 500 million dollars for simply reaching one centimeter higher, would you take the action to do it? This is the type of thinking that will create the underlying foundation that your success can be built upon. Just when you think you have performed a task at optimum efficiency, go one extra step forward. The beauty of this is that your standards will slowly start to raise to the heights that once made you fearful or break out in a sweat.

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