Ideas that Will Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

Conflicting Ideologies Will Ruin Your Business

One of the biggest killers of efficiency in any business is lack of congruency throughout the organization. What this means is that you, or your staff, have ideologies that conflict with the inner-framework of the organization that you run.

For example, if you operate a direct marketing sales business and 3/4ths of your staff aren’t comfortable with sales, or feel it’s too ‘pushy,’ you’re destined to fail. The way we change this conflict is by being clear with the company’s intentions during the hiring process. Many employees are given the same story of “we want employees who go above and beyond expectation! We need problem solvers and critical thinkers in our department. Do you think you can provide that?”

With blanket statements such as this, we set an environment of uncertainty and lack of direction. Instead, implement a list of quotas, sales targets, and leads that give your employee an analytical edge within the marketplace. You need to have specific goals, specific deadlines and measurable progress forward within your business.

In conjunction with this, implement a means to train those that aren’t meeting their requirements and help them move forward. Peter Voogd covered this in a Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle podcast where he talked about directing a sales team to meet expectations. The two biggest factors that most managers don’t set are:

A) Defining clear goals with specific targets

B) Helping those that are struggling to meet targets and expectations

Many managers slip into the false mindset of knowing a skill (sales, marketing, etc.) and then expecting everyone else to follow suit. In order to run a successful business of any nature, you need to get everyone on the same page and eliminate conflicting ideologies. Take the time and effort to train your staff and help them become as skilled as you are, if not better. Your staff is a direct representation of you as a business owner. Spend the extra effort to make them the best that they can be and your business will soar.

Be Sold On Your Prices and Solutions

Another dangerous area that you may fall into in the future is not being confident with your prices and services. If you feel uncomfortable with the price of your services or product, a prospective client will detect that immediately. If you find yourself dancing around the subject of pricing and payment plans, you’re not sold on what you have to offer.

The most efficient way of eliminating this fear is by being absolutely confident in the fact that your product of service solves your clients problem. If you sell insurance for example, you need to be bold in the fact that your client will receive the most coverage, personal service, and protection that they deserve. Not only that, but the price you charge should feel lower than the value that you’re giving to your client. The main rule of thumb in sales is that when you complete a deal it should be a win-win for both parties. But massively successful companies provide a bigger ‘win’ for their clients in proportion to the amount they have been compensated.

Next, you have to believe in the products and services that you provide to the marketplace. This is commonly said, but rarely practiced in the grand scope of business. If you feel ashamed or embarrassed by the services and products you provide, get out! Ask any high performing salesperson in the world today if they believe in the goods that they sell to their customers. At least 99% of those people will wholeheartedly believe that they’re doing to the right thing and that their customers benefit from the interaction with the company. The other 1% are filled with the people who, although talented, have nefarious reasons for wanting to earn massive amounts of compensation. This could stem from personal issues, hard up-bringing, psychological issues, etc. Whatever the case may be, these people always fail in the end. Don’t become a talented sales persons that pawns off products and services that don’t solve a problem.

In summary, the only way to become massively successful in business for a sustained period of time is by helping others. Jim Rohn is notorious for preaching the ideology of: if you want to be successful, you have to help other people become successful. Follow that mantra and you will never go wrong in the market. Be congruent in your beliefs and transparent in the process of becoming great. Once you reach the top, help others within your organization rise the ranks to where you currently are. A business is bound for success when everyone in the organization wants the person next to them to succeed with them.


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