Tactics that Speed Up the Attainment of Success

Have you ever pondered as to why some people seem to achieve their end goals more quickly than others? Rather it’s a company being bought out for billions of dollars after a year of being open, or the woman who lost 100 pounds in a year – what caused this rapid success? Was it a chance of luck? Perhaps they had the right people surrounding them? Or maybe they cheated to get to where they are? All success, despite the time frame in which it was attained, has underlying components that made it possible. In this article we will cover the tactics that you can apply in which to reach the finish line in a more timely fashion.

Optimizing Efficiency

Being efficient is the best way to maximize your efforts and cut down the time on reaching success. Whatever your version of success may be, there are tangible actions that are required to bring it into reality. If your end goal is to lose 100 pounds, like our example above, there are tried-and-true frameworks that will facilitate that particular style of weight loss.

The key here is cutting away the actions that produce little to to no results and maximize our efforts and energy output onto the ones that produce the most results. For example, if a business owner wants to make 1 million dollars over the course of a year, he or she needs to look at the analytical data of where their company is receiving the most revenue.

If your marketing campaign is only responsible for 2% or 3% of your yearly profit, cut it out! Divert your resources and focus to the areas in which growth is the highest and eliminate the rest. The reason behind this is that it frees up precious power, time, energy and resources in which to be used for the bigger areas.

Similarly, if the majority of your weight loss occurs from cardiovascular exercises, perhaps it’s time to cut out the weight training and maximize our output onto the cardio. This is the type of mentality that needs to be applied when trying to attain success quicker and with greater potency.

Networking and Research

Another huge precursor to rapid success is that of seeking guidance of more successful people within your industry. Instead of listening to every person that has an opinion, target a few specific people that lead within your sector and study all of their material to no end. These individuals are at the top of their game for a reason rather than by chance.

Seek council with them, reach out to them on social media, send emails, converse with their friends, etc. You need to get the attention of these people and ask them for guidance along your path. This will eliminate the learning curve on your road to attainment merely from the fact that they will tell you what to avoid. They’ve been down the same path you are partaking in and know the bumps in the road that are easy to hit. This will save you time and effort in that you will notice the problematic scenarios before they even happen.

In addition to seeking the advice of more knowledgeable people, you need to network with people who are following the same path as you. Success does not need to be a lonely path traveled solo. Seek the friendship and interactions with other people who want to taste the bliss and joy of success as bad as you do.

However, this can be a tricky practice in that many people say they want success but few perform the actions necessary to get there. Talking about what you’re going to do is easy – simply declare large goals, wealth attainment and ta da! You are now categorized as a ‘go-getter’. But, the people who will actually attain that vision are the ones who work and craft solutions for that goals achievement. This second class of people are the ones whom you should seek friendships and interaction with.

Your Entire Life is Congruent With Your End Goal

The last tactic you need to harness in order to speed up your attainment of success is that of being congruent. Congruent means that everything in your life, business, relationships, and morality is aligned with the mission you are trying to accomplish.

If you are an advocate for people to quit smoking, only to light up a cigarette in your car after giving a formal speech, you lack congruency. While this false sense of identity may trick those that converse with you, you are lying to yourself and the people who put their trust in you. You are selling a bill of goods that you do no personally believe in.

This lack of congruency is what causes large scale fraud, deception, lies, theft, and everything in between. It starts to become a person selling something to their friends, family and customers that they don’t personally believe in. This is the underlying framework that creates criminals and the evil in society.

If you are in a situation in your life where you feel as though you are simply lying to get ahead, stop immediately. Not only will the false reality crumble down around you in the near future, but it will also hurt those in the vicinity. You are deceiving the people who trust you and this will create a rift in the path to success. Real success is not just monetary gain, it’s being able to rest your head at night without worry, regret and fear. Fear from knowing that at any moment all of your false achievements could disappear and people would ostracize you.

Instead, follow the path of being entirely fluid throughout your personal and professional life to speed up your success journey. Allow your morals and standards should ooze throughout every action you take, every interaction with another person, and the personal relationships you partake in. Your success is guaranteed when you stay true and loyal to your own set of morals and standards. Not only will it speed up the attainment of your end goals, it will also make you a person that other people look up to and admire.

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