4 Tactics to Speed Up Your Success

  1. Compare your results against the greats – Iron sharpens Iron.

One of the strongest tactics to speed up the journey to success is by measuring your accomplishments against the greatest in your field. If you’re in sales, don’t be in competition with John Doe from next door who makes $60,000 a year at his job. Instead, measure yourself against sales giants like Grant Cardone, Jack Welch, Donald Trump, and individuals of this caliber.

This is not to promote an arrogant personality, or to say “look at how great I am,” but rather to create a playing field in which you’re not satisfied unless your progress can exist in the realm as these giants of industry. Never take the approach of trying to be better than other people but rather being better than you were the previous day. The biggest competition you have on this planet, regardless of the industry, is the one that lives in your mind.

The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you ever look.” – Julius Caesar

  1. Know the purpose of your activities and actions.

It sounds so simple, but many people fail right here at this step. From the time that you wake up, till the time you go to bed, you need to have a plan of action. This is not to say that impulsive actions and creative thinking are not useful – it’s to say that being organized and prepared creates a positive environment for impulsive actions to exist. It gives you room to take more risk but still gives you a foundation to fall back on.

Similarly, being cognizant of your actions and activities gives you tangible data in which to analyze at a further date and structure in a way to promote growth. Writing down your actions every day and reviewing them at the end of the week gives you a brief glimpse into the reality of your life. It also provides clarity in that it shows you exactly where, and when you went wrong. From here, we can calculate and structure our days into ones that promote and create the foundational steps for our dreams to become a reality.

  1. Create habits that cater to your goals and desires

Humans have evolved over time to run on autopilot in order to make our lives easier. Getting out of the bed, going to the bathroom, turning on the tv and having breakfast are actions we don’t even think about doing – you just go. In conjunction with this, our bad habits of watching too much tv, making the wrong food choices, and not performing our work also runs on autopilot.

You don’t sit down everyday and say: “Okay, I need to procrastinate today. I can’t be productive or else I’ve sabotaged myself and my future.” Your bad habits have become a ritual that your brain has created and you actually receive a chemical reward for completing that task.

Training a dog to obey our commands works in the same way. When the dog hears a click noise it knows to roll over and it will receive a treat. The dog doesn’t think about performing the trick, it thinks about the chemical reward the brain gives him for performing the task. The food also increases the chemical reward in the brain and plays into the primal psychology of the brain (eat, sleep, reproduce, avoid danger, etc.)

That’s why it’s so hard for us to start a new productive habit and to kick away the old ones. The brain associates the new behavior as being dangerous and that it will lead to pain in the future. If you can harness the brains ability to develop habits and rituals, you will become a success phenomenon.

How do you do this? Push through the pain barrier and commit to the actions that produce the results you want. It will be hard, you will fight with yourself, you may fail, and you may want to give up – this is normal. The habit you need to form is coming back to that action even if it doesn’t feel good in the moment. The brain will slowly start to associate those actions with the end result that you desire; hence making a success habit.

  1. Become lucky

Luck is an area of life that many of us have differing opinions about. Some say that luck is something reserved for the individuals who have the favor of a higher power. Others say that luck is a manufactured byproduct of taking a certain course through life that promotes favorable circumstances. And a rare few think it’s something that happens in Vegas at 2:30 in the morning.

Whatever your stance on the subject may be, there are actions that we can take in order to increase our luck. First of all, luck is usually the result of a prepared person taking advantage of an opportunity that doesn’t come around too often. How many times has an employer wanted volunteers for a new project but you didn’t feel adequate in your skill set? How many times have you found the person of your dreams, or so you thought, only to have them slip away because you weren’t confident in yourself? Has a promotion ever went to a person who was less talented than you but they worked harder?

Whatever the case may be, there is an underlying element behind all of these lucky occurrences – preparation. Being prepared allows you to participate in prosperous scenarios merely because you were able to handle the tasks involved. For example, the man who received 2 promotions within a year may seem lucky to outsiders, but the reality is that he lives and breathes his career. He prepares himself when no one is watching in order to perform when everyone is watching.

Similarly, the man or woman who seems to always have beautiful relationships may appear lucky to outsiders. “Look at her, she always has tons of friends and her husband is perfect. She’s so lucky!” The reality is that she devoted her efforts and energy to becoming a woman of value so that way friends and lovers would be drawn into that energy she emits. Once they’ve been drawn in, she can enjoy the beautiful relationships because she prepared herself when no one was around to notice.

Life is funny in that it almost acts as a mirror. If you want to become lucky and successful, you need to become the reflection of that circumstance. Act, speak, walk, and present yourself as a person that already has that end goal attained and the reality of that goal will start to surround you. Prepare right now for a circumstance to present itself in the future and when it comes, you can capitalize on it and become lucky.


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