4 Tips to Excel in A 9 – 5 Environment

Let’s say you’re working in a 9 to 5 job and you admire the entrepreneurial life, but you would rather work in an office environment. Great success and monetary gain can be made if you apply the correct principles into your work and how you interact with coworkers. Some of the greatest CEO’s in the marketplace were not business owners but rather individuals who climbed the ranks within their business and provided value. This type of progressive action and leadership will be the crux of your promotions, success, and overall financial gain during your stay at the company.

Below are some tips and ideas that will help you get the most out of your 9 to 5 experience and become the superstar that your organization needs.

  1. Bring Solutions to Your Management Staff

The biggest tactic to get ahead in the workplace is bringing solutions to problems that your organization is facing currently. Is there a critical element in the marketing approach that you know about, but isn’t being implemented? Do you know of a sales training program that could boost the sales force and generate revenue for your company? Is there a person or client that you could bring into the company, but your team doesn’t know about it yet?

There are a plethora of problems that a business undergoes on a regular basis that cost the company time and money. If you can eliminate these problems, you establish yourself as being reliable and you will put yourself in a position of power. This can also lead to quicker promotions, bonuses, and pay raises over a short period of time. Don’t become a person who simply clocks in and clocks out everyday – do more! Your hunger, grit and ambition shouldn’t clock out at 5 and return at 9 the next morning. Always keep a watchful eye on opportunities and strategies that can be implemented in the business.

  1. Become an Asset, Not a Liability

The harsh reality is that every employee of a business is another expenditure that the company has to pay. Most of the employees that are hired never produce the amount of value that they’re paid for. For example, if a sales person is paid $60,000, they may only bring in $30,000 to $40,000 worth of profit for the business.

Become more valuable to your business than what your paycheck says. If you can bring in business, customers, and solutions, you will be paying your salary ten fold and management will notice that. No matter what your position at the company may be, if you can bring in cash flow you will separate yourself from the pack.

Not only will this style of action put focus on you and your efforts, but it will also encourage those around you. People are inspired by massive action and it often makes them reflect on their actions and performance. This will light a fire in your department and push your morale through the roof and make work enjoyable again.

  1. Take Personal Responsibility and Move Forward Quickly

It’s a dog-eat-dog world and the business needs you to operate at full speed ahead. In conjunction, there is no room for lies, excuses, and victim mentality in the realm of success. Take responsibility for your errors, own up to them, extract the insight you’ve gained, and move forward. This will illuminate you as a person who wants to progress forward and that you don’t give up easily. It also eliminates petty bickering and arguments that occur in the workplace between the staff.

Similarly, if you do something right – celebrate! But don’t bask in the glory for so long that you forget the overall target which is success, helping your clients and moving the company forward. Not taking credit for your accomplishments can be just as detrimental as not taking responsibility for your wrong doings. Honesty and integrity are two of the biggest factors that all leaders share and admire.

Critique your efforts that you put forward and ask yourself: “would a CEO of a large organization take the same actions that I am?” If the answer is no, move forward and live to fight another day. If yes, inspire those around you and show them the potential results you can earn from taking massive action with your idea at the forefront.

  1. Listen, Watch and Learn

Lastly, you will want to listen, watch and learn everything you can from people who are more successful than you are. If that means taking your boss out to lunch on your tab, so be it! You need to listen to what these people have to say and the advice they give up-and-comers that want the success that they’ve already attained.

Take notes, study the greats, and listen to the information they put out. All successful people are notoriously curious and love to learn new things on a regular basis. Never get comfortable in your position and feel like you have nothing to learn from others. Even the employee on the lowest rung in the business could provide some helpful insight or an idea to push you forward.

The ability to put the customer first is the mantra that you need to adopt if you want the 9 to 5 job of your dreams. But also seek council and guidance from those above you and those that share the same passion that you do. Success is a team sport and there is no one on top that didn’t first stand on the shoulders of giants.

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