Instagram Launches New App ‘Layout’

March 23rd, 2015: Instagram is launching a new stand alone app called Layout that will allow users to stream multiple photos together to form an artistic collage. Users will immediately open the app and notice different layouts, formations and creative tools at their disposal.

Although there are many collage apps available on the market today, Instagram decided to take their own approach – as opposed to highjacking features from other popular apps already used by users and calling it their own.


Taking it a step further, Instagram incorporated a feature known as Faces that allows you to easily navigate through your camera roll. The feature uses an algorithm that tracks faces within your media and puts them into their own separate category. No longer will you have to search through hundreds of photos to find that group picture from last night!


Photo Booth

Another brilliant feature that was put into Layout was the Photo Booth option. This is for when you suddenly get the urge to take a picture and need a countdown timer. The feature will instantly snap a picture and put it into a layout format for users to edit any way they desire.



Pinch, zoom, re-size, crop, rotate,mirror– this app has all the necessities covered. The creators wanted to put the tools and creativity into the hands of the user and enable them to create a masterpiece. The beauty of art is that each piece is unique and every picture tells a story. With this app, you will be able to share some of life’s breathtaking, beautiful, and awe-inspiring moments throughout your journey!



The app looks promising and provides features that aren’t currently available on the market. Instagram has found success in the past by giving creative options to their users and putting the power within their hands. They’re great at providing an artistic touch to what would otherwise seem boring, uneventful or just downright bland.

The Layout app may be the propelling force that brings out the creative and artistic spirit that lives within all of us—one photo at a time! For more information on this release visit the official statement released by Instagram.

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