Prepare for the Worst to Become the Best

One of the best approaches you can take to change your financial future is preparing for the worst possible outcome. Going to battle on a consistent basis allows you to know exactly what to do when things get rough or take a turn for the worst. In a recent episode of Young Hustlers on the Whatever It Takes Network, the issue of preparing for negative outcomes came up.

This approach isn’t adopting a ‘negative’ mindset but merely giving yourself the best chance at success. If you’re in sales, own a business, marketing, or any industry for that matter, you will inevitably run into conflict. Maybe the customer doesn’t want your product or service. Maybe that marketing campaign didn’t convert as well as you had projected. Or perhaps you didn’t meet your sales goal for the month. Whatever the problem may be, there is a solution you can take in which to solve it.

Review and create worst possible scenarios on a daily basis

In your business you need to embrace the power of preparation and receiving negative feedback. One falsity that you’re being taught in the marketplace is how to deal with customers that already want to buy. This is a solid approach but the reality is not every customer will want to buy from you. “I need to talk to my partner,” “this doesn’t fit my current budget,” “I need some time to think it over” are all scenarios that we’ve heard on a regular basis.

You need to sit down each and every day and confront how to deal with these negative situations. If you don’t, your entire sales script and mindset will be shot out of the water in an instant. You’ll start to notice that your ideas don’t make sense, you’re at a loss for words, and you’re no longer in control of the conversation. The chances of closing the sale here are almost zero!

Seek objective criticism and get people to tell you what parts of your approach don’t work. Elon Musk, a billionaire serial entrepreneur, once exclaimed in an interview that “a well thought out critique of whatever you’re doing is as valuable as gold.” Not every negative comment made about your product or service comes from a negative place. Often, we only accept and harness positive praise for our work and dismiss anything that seems less than pleasant. You’d be surprised how much valuable information can be extracted from negativity.

Building Discipline

Another major stumbling block that we face in the game of preparation is not being disciplined in our actions. Ask yourself this: how many times did you not follow through with your promise? Have you ever procrastinated on those sales calls that you know you need to make? Do you wake up at the same time each day and commit to right action? How many clients did you fail to follow up on?

More than likely you’ve procrastinated in major areas of your life and suffered the financial and personal weight of that error. Procrastination and not being disciplined are some of the largest killers of dreams outside outside of not having ambition. You need to practice and prepare yourself each day to become a more disciplined individual. If you’re not already disciplined, located below is a list of tried-and-true tactics to improve that area. Discipline, just like a bicep muscle, needs to be trained and maintained on a regular basis. If you neglect it, atrophy sets in and you lose the ability over time.

  • Wake up at the same time each day and go to bed at the same time
  • Get in the gym each and every day
  • Commit to actions that produce positive results on a daily basis
  • Write your goals down every single day (pen to paper)
  • Visualize and envision your end goals consistently
  • Cut back and eliminate distractions (social media used incorrectly, toxic relationships, video games, texting, etc.)
  • Take control of your time and value it. Stop giving away your time to tasks that don’t benefit you
  • Schedule time in a planner and set designated areas for family, business, education, etc.
  • Consistently be consistent – being consistent is the catalyst for becoming disciplined

In summary, being consistent in positive action and productivity is the ultimate way to build discipline. If you’re in a low area of your life, start with something small – invest your time in your self education. This doesn’t mean going back to school, necessarily. This means consume and seek knowledge and information that can further your finances, career, sales, relationships, and everything in between. In conjunction with that, seek out and address worse case scenarios to increase your ability to be prepared. Knowing that you have a game plan for a negative outcome is a liberating feeling.

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