How to Escape the Millennial Mindset

The Millienial generation (individuals born between 1980 and the early 2000’s) is often described as being lazy, narcissistic, uninspired, know-it-all’s, and generally a burden to the economy. If that weren’t enough, the U.S. Census Data received from Georgetown University Center on Education finds that Millennials make up roughly 40% of the 4.2 million people without a job within the workforce today.

With numbers like this it’s easy to write off an entire age group and say “well… we didn’t do such a good job with this generation. Hopefully the next one will do better in the economic marketplace.” But let’s get serious, we have all the resources available to us to change the way we think, operate, and earn!

Our biggest downfall in this technologic age is that we’re bombarded with information and we’re paralyzed by over analyzation. With social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat, we have to swim through a sea of misinformation in order to find truth and applicable practices that produce results!

And that’s the biggest key here – finding the tactics that generate tangible results in your day-to-day life. Don’t fall into the snake oil trap of investing in ‘feel good’ information that motivates you to… buy another piece of motivational information. Those products and services are marketed and produced to give the customer a mental ‘high’ if you will; Never producing anything in the long run (anyone remember The Secret?) except making your bank account balance shrink.

Be Sold On Yourself

The most crucial step in separating yourself from the rest of the Millennial generation is being sold on yourself and what it is you do. The most under utilized tactic for getting ahead in life is taking your finances seriously. “If I could just win a few million dollars I would retire and live a happy life.” No, you absolutely wouldn’t and it wouldn’t be a comfortable living with the rate of inflation over time. This type of thinking will end up hurting you big time in the long run. The superstars on this planet, rather they’re in the financial industry, they’re a celebrity, an athlete, an entrepreneur, a physicist, or a musician, they all have this in common – obsession! As Grant Cardone says, “Be great! Nothing else pays!” This is the type of ideology that you need to adopt in your life in order to escape the mediocrity that fills our economy and personal finances.

You have to be committed and convinced that what you’re doing makes a difference in the world and that your compensation is a reflection of the problems you can solve. You have to ooze with confidence and tenacity to the individuals whom you converse with on a regular basis. Love your spouse a little bit more, work a little bit harder, try to help more people, and most of all, dominate your finances!

But, and this is a big but, don’t let that confidence stem from a place of self delusion. Your confidence should rise from your ability to help your customers, find solutions to problems, working productive hours, and making a positive impact in others lives. People of real power can pick apart the phonies from crowd quicker than you might think. The guy who says “yes sir! I can do anything you ask me to do and I’ll go above and beyond” is more than likely shaking in his shoes knowing he can’t deliver. Real power is expressed and shown through actions, not words.

Again, get obsessed about whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish in your life and consume all the material you can about that subject. Trying to get out of debt? Then your life needs to be filled with information and activities that promote an environment in which surplus amounts of cash flow can exist. Do you think modern day billionaires got to where they are because they focused on their business a few hours a day?

Don’t Follow Trends

Another mistake made by Millennials is that we follow the trends that are presented to us on a regular basis (is the dress black and blue? Or white and gold?). These trends often produce nothing but wasted time and mental wandering which serve no purpose on the path to fulfillment.

You need to harness the ability to be forward thinking almost in a visionary style capacity to see what truly matters. Let’s say you’re about to start up your first entrepreneurial endeavor – great! Better start an app company and move to Silicon Valley, right?

This style of thinking is at the forefront of trendy ideas that are floating around in the marketplace today. There is money to be made in the app market, but it’s few and far between. Instead, look at the fundamental root problems that the globe faces as a whole and work from there. Creating an app that tells you what your dog is thinking at any given moment sounds tempting, but starting a medical software company seems to be further reaching. Investing in long term problems also secures the notion that your product or service will be needed for years to come. This will help you rest easy at night knowing your business has a better chance of surviving the chaotic storm that is our economy.

The short-term style of thinking is the catalyst that allows markets such as the fitness industry to bring in hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Instead of breaking down your caloric intake into a mathematical framework that will allow you to lose 1 pound per week, we’d rather take T-Rex Mega Fat Burner 4400 Turbo Sweat. Albeit a gigantic T-Rex that helps you lose weight does sound pretty cool, it’s probably not your best investment both financially and physically.

Focus on something that has high value to someone else, be really rigorous in making that assessment, because natural human tendency is wishful thinking.” Elon Musk said in an interview with a reporter when she asked him what it took to succeed as an entrepreneur. This same style of thinking can be applied to all aspects of life. Break down every element of your approach and cut the fat that doesn’t serve you.

Focus your efforts on the actions in your life that produce the most results and discard what doesn’t give you a positive return on investment. This is the underlying principal that allows you to think critically about your life choices and the actions you need to take to produce results. Rather you’re trying to run a billion dollar company, or hit your quota for the month, this constructive criticism, when harnessed correctly, can literally propel you to new heights.

– To your success!

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